Life Membership


The Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland (PNAQ) recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to the existence or effectiveness of the Association and/or Perioperative Nursing during their long standing membership.  PNAQ acknowledges this through awarding the status of Life Member of the organisation.  Notification and awarding of the Life Membership shall take place at the Annual State Conference Awards Dinner.



Perioperative nurses who have demonstrated consistent membership over a period of 15 years and who have been supportive of perioperative nursing in a variety of ways may be eligible for Life Membership.


Selection Criteria

  • Evidence of substantive service to perioperative nursing
  • Be a full financial member of PNAQ for at least 15 years consecutively
  • Currently working in perioperative nursing or
  • Retired from the perioperative nursing workforce



Nominations must be received at least 12 weeks prior to the Annual Conference Date.  Committee members or other members of PNAQ (must be a full financial member) complete the nomination recommending an individual perioperative nurse become a life-member.  Within the recommendation an explanation of no more than 600 words is provided to support the recommendation.  The committee will review the recommendation in accordance with the life membership criteria and vote whether they consider the person is an appropriate person for life membership.  Once the committee approves the nomination a certificate is awarded.

Nominate Online or download a hard copy nomination form

Our Life Members Smile

  • Linley Bates
  • Judith Hewett
  • Lynette Hill
  • Eleanor Irwin
  • Jo-Ann McNaughton
  • Heather Moon
  • Cheryl O'Brien
  • Wenda Young

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