What is the Research strategy for ACORN QLD?

ACORN QLD is committed to provide funding to assist financial members who meet the selection criteria to enhance their research expertise and track record by undertaking nurse-initiated innovative research activities that will contribute to the advancement of perioperative nursing. The ACORN QLD Perioperative Nursing Collaborative Research Scheme aims to provide funding for a research project that enables skills development, the provision of research assistance and access to a research mentor. It is anticipated that there would be tangible output from the research in terms of conference presentations, publications, larger grant applications, etc. Funding will be available for one year projects and successful applicants will be expected to disseminate their findings to the wider perioperative community.

What kind of research will be considered for funding?

Research aimed at improving the quality of patient care provided in the perioperative period and improving the quality of the perioperative work environment will be considered for support. Multidisciplinary, historical, multi-site and international research is encouraged. Research undertaken with ACORN QLD funding can range from small hospital-based projects to extensive state-wide research projects, with all research activities having the potential to contribute significantly to perioperative nursing practice in Queensland and to improving health outcomes for patients.

What research methods can be used for these projects?

The primary emphasis in the award of grants is the merit of the project, evidenced by a well-designed research project investigating a significant problem or major issue in the theory or practice of a perioperative nursing or perioperative patient care. Applicants should demonstrate that they have the particular skills within their team, basic resources and time to carry out the project. There are no limits to the type of research methods used. However, the applicant must demonstrate evidence of adequate competencies/skills (within team), practical and technical support (from facility), and resources (from facility) to conduct the proposed research. Prior to disbursement of funds, the successful applicant must be able to demonstrate evidence of approval for the research from the relevant Ethics Review Board.



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